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Before Signing Up
What is a SayBox?
Why use a SayBox?
How much does this cost?
How can I get a SayBox?
I'm worried about giving some details on the signup form. Can I trust you?
I use the same password for everything! Do you get to see it?
How much space/bandwidth can my SayBox use?
Getting Started
How do I put my SayBox on my website?
When will my SayBox account be activated?
How long do I have to activate my account?
How do I post a message on my SayBox?
What are the links on the SayBox for?
Why are some names a different colors than others?
What are smilies?
Advanced Use
How do I change settings on my SayBox?
How do I log in to the admin panel?
What are the benefits of upgrading?
What else can I do in a post?
Customizing your SayBox
How do I change the colours of my SayBox?
Can I change the font used on my SayBox?
Can I change the size of the font used on my SayBox?
How do I change the size of my SayBox?
Can I change the scrollbar colours?
Is it possible to change the smilies?
Can I add extra smilies?
Can I use more than one code for the same smiley?
Unwanted Users and posts
How do I remove posts from my SayBox?
Do SayBoxes have flood protection?
Can I censor bad language on my SayBox?
A visitor is causing problems on my SayBox. What can I do?
Can I change the message banned users see?
Can I stop guests posting on my Saybox?
Posts on your SayBox
Can I stop people from posting one letter shouts?
Can I stop people from posting really long shouts?
Can I stop people posting using my name?
Can I set the min/max length of names used on my SayBox?
Can I stop people posting smilies?
I have more shouts than are displayed on my SayBox. How can I view them all?
How do I put emphasis on text in my SayBox?
Can I edit posts on my SayBox?
Can I see the time a post was made?
Can I see the total number of shouts on my SayBox?
Can I see how many different people have posted on my SayBox?
Can I search for specific people/posts on my SayBox?
Can I keep a post at the top of my SayBox?
Can users have avatars by their name when they post?
A post on my SayBox keep repeating itself, how do I stop it?
How do I view my SayBox's statistics?
What are adpoints?
Account Details
My details have changed. How do I update them on SayBox?
Can I change my password?
If I no longer want a SayBox, how do I get rid of my account?
If I delete my account, what happens to my personal information?
Why do you require personal information about me when I signup?
Problems with a SayBox
My SayBox is not displaying. What's wrong?
My account was deleted. Why?
When I try to login to my admin panel, the page just reloads. What's wrong?
Why don't the admin panel links work on my account?
I've lost my Saybox code! How can I get it back?
I can't find the letter "X" in the treasure hunt. Where is it?
Why does Norton Internet Security block my SayBox?
SayBox Directory
What is the directory?
How do I get listed in the directory?
I'm in the directory, but no longer want to be. Can I opt-out?
About SayBox
Who runs SayBox?
Who created SayBoxes?
Who made the website?

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