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SayBox Features

Take a look at all of these great features included with our free shoutboxes!

  • Formatting options to match the style of any other free tagboard
  • Chatbox Colours
  • Scrollbar Colours
  • Font size/face/colour
  • UBBC code for bold, italic and underlined text
  • UBBC code for sub/superscript, strikethrough, URL and email
  • UBBC code for coloured text in messages.
  • NEW UBBC code for instant messenger screennames
  • Password protection for your username
  • Add or change smilies & customise the codes for them
  • Width/Height
  • Customisable link colours, input styles and backgrounds
  • Optional background image
  • Flood Protection
  • Censored words
  • Min/Max message length
  • Min/Max name length
  • Disable Smilies
  • Ban users by IP
  • Password protection for your username
  • Optional 'access password' stops guests posting
  • IMPROVED Password protect up to 50 usernames
  • NEW Maintenance mode option to temporarily hide your SayBox from users
  • Search by name
  • Search keywords in shouts
  • Delete shouts
  • Modify shouts
  • Sticky shouts
  • Change shout display number
  • Display shouts top down or bottom up
  • 'Last 10 mins' stat box in admin panel
  • Advanced banning and search options
  • Security question to speed up lost password recovery
  • Set the timezone for shout date/time tracking to be shown in
  • IMPROVED Choose and customise the buttons for display on your SayBox, and the text on them
Stat Trackable
  • Number of shouts
  • Number of shouters
  • IMPROVED Last 500 posts viewable at any time
  • Downloadable text or HTML files of recent shouts
Upgradable The following features are all included in our paid package.
  • No ads
  • AJAX compatibility gives full chatroom style functionality
  • Smartban to automatically ban problem users
  • Antispam feature which rejects links from being posted
  • Unlimited posts stored
  • Unlimited usernames allowed
  • Add as many extra smilies as you want
  • Quick moderation mode allows deletion or editing of shouts directly from the SayBox
  • 'New' icon marks each new shout made since your last visit to the page
  • Option for users to edit or delete their shout after posting

Each free shoutbox is hosted with a space limit that allows 500 shouts. If your SayBox should exceed this limit, the oldest 10 shouts will be automatically deleted to create space. There is currently no bandwidth limit on any individual SayBox.

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