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Privacy Policy

  1. At SayBox, we take the privacy of our users, members and customers seriously. This policy covers how we deal with email addresses and other personal information collected.
  2. This privacy policy ONLY applies to SayBox, the SayBox website, and the information we collect on registration or use of a SayBox.
  1. Due to strict laws on collecting personal information from children, nobody under the age of 13 may register for a SayBox or use a SayBox on a site they own or run, whether in part or in whole.
  2. Young people between the age of 13 and 18 may own a SayBox provided they have parental permission to do so. We take this on trust; by signing up for a SayBox you agree that you do have parental permission if neccessary as determined by your age.
Personal Details
  1. Registration for a SayBox requires a few details about yourself, including (but not limited to) a valid email address and your website URL. We promise these will never knowingly be released, given, traded or sold to anyone outside of SayBox staff.
  2. The SayBox staff will never use the information you provide for anything other than SayBox business unless you request or allow us to do so.
  3. Should we find you, your SayBox, or your website to be breaking the law in a serious manner, we reserve the right to pass information on to legal authorities as requested.
  4. Information will also be released on receipt of a sub-poena, court order, or other legal action.
  1. Your password is encrypted as soon as you submit the signup form, and remains encrypted in our database. This means SayBox staff CANNOT at any time view your password.
  1. SayBox may set one or more cookies on your computer or on the computer of anyone using a SayBox. We guarantee these cookies will not be for anything more than remembering sign-in details, usernames, or tracking hits. You may block or remove these cookies from your computer if you wish, but please be aware that non-acceptance of the SayBox login cookie will deny you access to your admin panel.
Account Changes
  1. You may change your account details at any time through the admin area of your SayBox. The privacy policy is applicable for both past and present information entered.
  2. If you request removal of your account or deletion of your SayBox, your details will be removed from the server.
  3. If a SayBox is removed by any of the SayBox staff for violation of our Terms of Service, we may keep details on record in case of future legal action.
  4. Any changes to your personal details (such as new email address) should be changed by you through the admin area of your SayBox to allow us to update our records.
Emails and Global Contact
  1. We may occasionally contact all users regarding updates, any planned downtime, or any other SayBox related information.
  2. SayBox does not send mass emails, but we occasionally contact all users via a global shout posted across all SayBox accounts. These are not optional, but may be deleted on individual accounts at any time after posting by the admin of that SayBox.

Terms of Service
Please also ensure you read our Terms of Service.

Last revision: May 24th, 2005.

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